A new graphic novel by Yoshitaka Amano who has mesmerized people worldwide with his creative world, including his work as a character designer for the Final Fantasy series and artist for Casshan and Gatchaman.
A new myth is born here.


A single samurai that continues his bloody fights on the battlefield.
His name is ZAN.
He was on of the 12 divine generals that served under the Divine Guardian of the Light amidst the endless battle between the gods of light and dark in a different world. However, he was cast out from the world of the gods after a betrayal and had lost his memories. Lost on his path and continuing his mindless slaughter, he meets a mysterious girl on the battlefield. From her he learns of his identity and that unless the Divine Guardian of the Light is released from the captivity of the army of Dark the world will be erased to nothing.

ZAN takes off to journey to a world beyond this dimension to regain his memory and the world of light.


The birth of a new myth.
A world heading towards extinction due to the warping combination of good and evil, time and space by the hands of the God of Dark. A sacred mountain in Japan where creatures gather. A future where all living creatures have gone extinct and is ruled by machines. New York that has become a desert of endless day. A spiritual sea found deep in the depths of consciousness. The center of the world where the God of Light is confined… ZAN travels the multiple dimensions of space and fights with enemies born from the imaginations of Yoshitaka Amano.



The protagonist. A solitary swordsman that has lost his memories. He learns of his destiny from Sou, a mysterious young girl, and sets off on his journey to release the Divine Guardian of the Light. As he continues his battles, he faces his accursed past hidden in his forgotten memories.




A mysterious girl that guides Zan. What is her relationship with the Divine Guardian of the Lights, Lady Mariu?

COMICSIssue #1

RELEASENotice of delivery in Japan

Distribution in Japan has been decided. It will be delivered sequentially after October 1, 2019.

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Distribution started on Comixology.